Ouch! There's A Lot More Than Income Taxes

Some cities and school districts have local taxes that you might have to pay. Some of these depend on your type of business. There might be additional sales taxes, property taxes, innkeeper's taxes, or food and beverage taxes.

--Decrease your tax withholding allowances by completing a W-4. This increases the amount of income tax deducted from your weekly pay to meet your tax obligations. Ask the payroll department where you work for this form.

• Access to the program from any place at anytime: -With hosted tax software, the tax professionals are no longer restricted to the enterprise network for accessing the Lacerte tax software. They can access the software from office, home or any location they wish, from any online connection.

Suppose you have a choice of paying $750 for your tax return to a small CPA firm or $2,000 to an innovative, knowledgeable firm. All things being equal, anyone would choose to pay the lesser amount. But what if all things are not equal? What if the $750 gets you an adequate, accurate return but the $2,000 would get you a return where you pay $5,000 less in tax? Which is the better deal? In one, you are out $750 with no return on your investment. In the other, you are net ahead $3,000. Clearly, the $2,000 fee returns a greater value.

We all know that Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is now an accepted practice in many businesses these days. Even micro entrepreneurs have turned to BPO companies with the intention of acquiring quality service without having to spend too much time, money and effort on acquiring it.

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